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Private Escort based in Auckland, New Zealand

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My Wishlist
Presents in my presence

A card with a thoughtful note

Fresh fruit - especially berries

Treats from Tart Vegan Bakery

Sweet White Wine, Champagne, or Prosecco

Gin - only the good stuff

Delights from a distance

Novo Shoes


David Jones

Generous Gifts 

Silk Pillowcases and Sheets

Dyson Hairdryer

Blunt Umbrella, all sizes

Vouchers for spas and massages


I am deeply thankful for your generosity and kindness.

E Gift Cards are great if you wish to show your appreciation for my online content and my engagement with you. For your discretion, I have included more neutral options of stores which are less likely to raise suspicion on a bank statement. I will only see the name you choose the gift card to be from.